StoveSplashes™ have been a functional design staple in European design for years. They are beautiful designs printed on glass and then mounted to the wall behind your sink or stove. A StoveSplash provides the protection your wall needs to keep a fresh and clean area around your cooking area preventing grease, sauces, steam and all types of splashes that are unavoidable while cooking.

StoveSplashes will never stain, are extremely durable, naturally antimicrobial, endure high heat and best of all, unlimited in design.

Not only is glass the perfect interior design aesthetic to create a focal point in your kitchen but it also has many health benefits for you and your family. By not having to deal with grout or porous stone surfaces, glass gives you an easy to clean no maintenance option for your kitchen backsplash. IMAGIO™ uses the persuasion of glass and blends healthy living with design to bring you sophistication and beauty with the most stunning and functional focal point you can imagine.

You simply select one of our design options or create your own and we will ship you a decorative glass StoveSplashTM along with our easy to install instructions. An IMAGIO StoveSplash will change your space in a matter of minutes, making it the most favored kitchen remodeling technique on the market.

Best of all IMAGIO™ Glass StoveSplashes are a DIY product. You can literally set it in place and walk away. The glass design is adhered to your wall with a supplied tube of silicone and you’re done!